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At Boutique Vino, our goal is to take the guess work out of wine buying. That means every bottle of wine we sell has been tasted and enjoyed by us and is something we believe offers great value.

We also believe that each wine should be expressive of site. Grapes are meticulously farmed and cultivated so that every vintage is a different expression of what Mother Nature has crafted. So it’s with that tint that we search out wines that don’t have too much human altering or chemical tweaking, or even too much oak. It’s also why our focus is on smaller, boutique operations where the winemaker has greater control and where the passion for wine and not the business of wine still rules.

Boutique Vino is our way of sharing our passion for the many small wineries of the world with a larger community. Perhaps we can change the way America drinks and thinks, about wine…and if that’s too lofty a goal, then at least make new friends and drink great wine. We hope you decide to join us.


Everything in moderation, especially moderation. ~ Oscar Wilde


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