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Adventures in Mexico…in and around Valle de Guadalupe

Adventures in Mexico…in and around Valle de Guadalupe

This past weekend we had the pleasure of visiting Valle de Guadalupe to partake in some Mexican Wine Tasting! Yes…Mexico makes wine

Ruta del Vino

Bienvenidos al Ruta del Vino (Ok its says Gracias, but it’s the best I could get)

On the way down the Baja coast, we stopped off for a night of camping in Puerto Nuevo, complete with an ocean view!

J Brix Sunset

J Brix and the Ocean around Sunset, this is living!

There are few things we do without a bottle of wine in hand and camping certainly isn’t one of them so we broke out a cheese plate, and decided to break one of Notorious B.I.G.’s rules and got high on our own supply of JBrix Sparking Riesling. Undisgorged, unfiltered, and no sulfites, this full bubbles and full on flavor. Only 17 cases made. The winery is sold out, and we’re almost sold out, so we figured why not. (It also went well with a midday snack of fish and shrimp tacos the next day…I guess that makes 2 less bottles).



The next day we woke early and stopped for brunch along the coast at La Fonda. $15 per person for all you can eat breakfast buffet…drinks included. So after a couple of Bloody Marias (Tequila takes the place of Vodka) and Margartias we headed 45 minutes down the road to begin wine tasting at, AlXimia Vincola.

Ruta del Vino izquierda

Heading down la Ruta del Vino

The building had great architectural design, think a giant bug landed on a hillside, and is designed to catch the wind and cool the wine naturally. The building also catches the rainfall and distributes it across the vineyard. Probably would have been a good idea to get a picture but check the aforementioned Bloody Marias and Margaritas.

Unfortunately, wine tasting at AIXima was not in the cards today. Upon entering the building, we located a bar with a register on one end, and three people (personas) behind it. After being ignored by two employees talking to each other while standing directly in front of them, we eventually moved to the other end of the bar and got the attention of the third. He less than emphatically informed us of how the tastings worked. Evidently there were three tiers of tastings ranging from 8 dollars to taste 3 of their basic wines, to $12 for 6 wine tastes, that included a couple of their reserve wines.

By the time we were finally acknowledged, we’d already decided to head down the road to another winery. So yes, you read this far and still won’t know how the wine tastes, and neither do we. Maybe you’ll have better luck than we did, but  if Trip Advisor is to be believed…we didn’t miss much. Luckily, this experience isn’t typical of the valley and much better wines awaited us. AIXima is a bigger winery so they don’t need us or our blog…which is why we always say drink small.




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